Welcome to Intuitive Thoughts! I started journalling in extreme earnest when I was in eighth grade and have had various blogs along the way. I love saying all the things, so here I am with my thoughts about spirituality, healing and our social consciousness.

Where I’m coming from - several years ago I started my professional practice as an intuitive healer. For five years prior, Virgo style, I read all the things and did all the things and took all the classes. For 12 years prior, I was a relationally oriented psychoanalytically influenced psychotherapist. For 15 years prior, I struggled with chronic illness. All healers have their flavor and this is mine.

The particulars of any of our stories are intriguing to me. Those elements are where we are embedded in the very personal nature of our lives. We also live embedded in a collective. Whether we like it or not, understand it or not, tune into it or not, we are all mixed up integrally with each other. This is also really intriguing to me. Being a psychotherapist had me a lot more focused on the personal particulars. Being a healer and an oracle has me looking at those plus the whole big thing we’re doing together, which of course we can only see partly and through our lens and I have been and am and will be examining my lens. But I am all the way in on this, this big picture, this giant project Mother Earth has going on, and the massive Way things are changing and falling apart and moving Somewhere (She’s laser-focused) New. There is and will continue to be a disorienting, beautiful, devastating escalation of movement away from exploitation and fuckery toward Something that is good to us, to all of us, all of the time. 

I want to be part of creating this. I want us to be well. I want us to knock it off with some of the bullshit we bring to our spirituality. I want us to have what we need. I want us to know how much Connection is available to us. I wanted a space to join with so many other people saying all the things, so here I am. Thanks for joining me.

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